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  • Oscar Academy has a 100% placement record.

  • Oscar Academy is a house overseas  placement organization recognized by the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India   

  • One of the only few Academy to conduct on-campus job fairs with multiple 5-star hotel chains coming under one roof and recruiting students.

  • On-Campus interviews by all top Hotels & Hospitality brands.

  • Campus recruitments by Cruise Lines to name a few – P & O Cruises, Costa, Princess, etc.

  • Students are known to be hired by multinational companies and independent businesses.

  • Each year, an average of 150 hospitality and management executives participate in the college’s student mentor program, approximately 600 students participate in internships, and 73 hospitality organizations visit campus to recruit students into full-time professional positions.

  • The Academy provides solid exposure to student memberships, internships, guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

  • We have got a challenging, business and practical-oriented program designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the Hospitality and management industry to meet the placement requirements.

  • Alumni are based across 150+ countries and represent different nationalities. Graduates not only find employment within the core sectors of Hospitality, Travel Tourism, Aviation, Logistics and supply chain management, and Event management but also in FMCG, finance, luxury & other sectors.

  • If you are looking for overall skill development and weight on student reviews, Oscar Academy is a great choice.


  • All our students undergo paid industrial internships.

  • Academy  takes the responsibility of arranging every student’s internship 

  • Internships are offered in the best companies in India & Abroad.

  • Students benefit enormously from learning and working in this vibrant market with its abundance of resorts, restaurants, attractions, and more.

  • The Academy boasts a faculty of recognized experts having experienced both nationally and internationally.

  • Through partnerships, we provide students with access to memberships, internships, guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

  • Special Grooming & Etiquette workshops prior to Internships.

  • Parent – Student counseling sessions before the internship.

  • Students are given ample opportunities for experience in the industry which helps them in their future roles as managers and Entrepreneurs 

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